Lottery Mania continues

A quick note to update you on the lottery jackpots that were introduced last week. There have been an amazing series of rollovers with nobody winning the mega-jackpot as yet. The US MegaMillions jackpot has skyrocketed up to over $160,000,000 AND the Italian SuperEna jackpot has just touched US$100,000,000!

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In other news, is launching a sister, more commercial website called Online Casinos India. More details on gambling techniques and other content will be published on that site. The focus of this site will gradually evolve to a news based site on Indian gambling and top-notch reviews will continue to be shared across both sites. Stay tuned!

MegaMillions Lottery Special

Play USA Lottery image Not quite in the casino category but Online Casino India thought it would be worthwhile writing a post about the latest super-jackpot in terms of the USA Lotteries. Last month the Italian SuperEna was over Euro 100 Million and this month it’s the USA MegaMillions lottery which is currently sitting at over a whopping US$ 140 Million.

All it could take is simply buying a single ticket and your life could be changed forever… you have to be in it to win so make sure you get your ticket now!

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For details on all other lottery jackpots this week, please check our Play lottery in India page.