Millionaire Casino review

2016 Update: Millionaire Casino shut its doors to the world. The banners on this page redirect to an up and coming popular casino called Black Diamond. A full review of Black Diamond is coming up soon however feel free to make avail of their generous no deposit bonus offer to try the casino out for free and at no risk to you!

Black Diamond Online CasinoNow most of us would not say no to living in a massive billion dollar, 27 story home like Mukesh Ambani. For the high rollers amongst us, and the aspiring ones too, there is a special online casino just for you. It’s Millionaire Casino and they are now accepting Indian players based in India and abroad. Finally a genuine Crorepati Casino!

When you’re a high-roller, you can certainly expect to be treated like one – and this is exactly what Millionaire Casino sets out to do. This gaming house is home to the highest betting limits for any online casino, anywhere in the world. The graphics are top-notch and there is a super-responsive Customer Service team to back them up. They are accessible through all the usual challenges if you have any difficulty whatsoever on the site.

What makes this high-roller casino so attractive are the incredible payouts. Players with an outlook of play-big, win-big in terms of their gaming style will be most at home here. There are over 85 engaging games, most of which are geared for the more adventurous player. Millionaire Casino is a great venue to maximize your excitement and your winnings with maximum bets. As one could expect, the bonuses are very generous, particularly for new players – there is a 100% Match Bonus which can deliver up to a maximum of $350 in free money instantly! There is also a daily award from Millionaire Casino – they get their welcome bonus again! So double luck for some lucky players just for playing online.

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Of course the casino does accept lower bets too so it does cater for everybody.. however if that’s more your thing and you just fancy trying out online gambling in India, there are probably better casinos to check out like the one described in our Vegas Palms review.

If you’re not convinced to try out Black Diamond you may want to check out this newly relaunched casino that now accepts Indian players: Royal Vegas Casino review!