Cricket World Cup betting

This year’s ICC Cricket World Cup is the most open world cup in years. For once in a decade, it does not appear pre-determined that Australia will walk away with it. If the initial matches show anything, it is that none of the teams are at risk of peaking too early.

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Sri Lanka’s loss against Pakistan, England’s loss against minnows Ireland, South Africa’s loss against England and Pakistan’s defeat by New Zealand have been just some of the nail-biting matches in the opening round of the 2011 World Cup. Unlike what happened in the Caribbean World Cup in which the minnows Ireland and Bangladesh knocked out the major players India and Pakistan, this world cup’s super 8 teams are more than likely to include the expected heavyweights of world cricket: Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, India, England, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and the West Indies.

Both the low scoring matches as well as the record high run chases have been fun to watch so far. In fact, many games have not had their winners determined until the very last few balls. Some of the results have been a bookie’s dream:

“England are fast becoming a notorious banana-skin team for punters. Abysmal against Ireland then inspired to beat the South Africans, we’re having a lot of fun with them.”

…. says David Williams, cricket betting expert at Ladbrokes

Last weekend, South Africa’s unexpected loss against England helped Ladbrokes to their most profitable stint of the cricket World Cup so far.

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